Cultural Education


 'Cultural Education' = cultural sensitivity = cultural harmony in the school yard.  It is about creating Global Citizens.


'Cultural Education’ programs for students and teachers are a growing ‘essential’ within a school's curriculum as the racial mix in classes and on the street becomes more diverse.


To ensure that each and every student receives the full benefit of a good Australian education, and also to create an atmosphere of harmony and well-being within the school yard, students must not only be made conscious that they should come to understand their classmates, from different parts of the world better, culturally, but that they must also become more aware of their own cultural background and be proud of it. Teachers must develop a more culturally sensitive pedagogy to ensure success for their students and harmony in their school yards.  


That is the true success of cultural education, or as we know it - 'multiculturalism'.


Good ethnic artistes with an empathy towards children and teenagers from diverse backgrounds play a very important role in such programmes, not only to entertain and encourage students in music, art and dance, but also passing on their own enthusiasm and sincere belief in a harmonious multicultural society where everyone is treated as an equal.


Such programming needs a more hands-on approach - understanding your needs and logistics, especially the cultural 'mix' of your students, before deciding on which programmes to incorporate within your regular curriculum and which artistes to enlist. 


All programmes incorporate an element of 'self-improvement' techniques, greater understanding of aboriginal culture, and are fully geared towards encouraging inter-cultural harmony.

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Cultural Education is about creating awareness and understanding, locally and Internationally, by working with artists, schools and community to promote creativity, connectivity, compassion and citizenship.

Australian Cultural Education